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Thursday, 5 March 2009

preliminary task (the continuity editing task),

I used many techniques  and shots in my opening sequence, from my continuity task. 

Shown below are a few shots in which i used in my opening sequence. 

Character within my opening sequence

I have decided to compare my main character to the young lads in the film *A room for romeo brass*. 

Ive decided that they would be a good comparison as they are are both relating to food and youth.

Shown below is the 2 screen shots from a room for romeo brass and also my film opening


The main similarities: 

-  Young actors 
- Slight rebellious behavior . attitude (Hands in the pockets ) (The way he is not sharing the chips) 

The main differences: 

- The age age of the characters
- The difference in costume (school - casual) 
- two actors in the scene compared with one 

My film opening with directors commentary

Script for directors commentary 

Hello, im kirk kemp, writer and director of Sugar n spice.

Im just going to talk you through the opening sequence of sugar n spice, but before i do heres a little more information about my production company and some other information relating to it.....

My production company was created in order to show and promote my video productions and work. 

When i was looking for distribution companies i came across Dog Woof: indie, and i think  they will be the best company to distribute my film, as they focus mainly on distributing british independent films, and as you can see that is what sugar n spice is. 

To make the full length version of this film,  i would most likely ask for funding from the uk-film council, as they fund many british independent films.

As you can see at the start of the film opening i have placed the title of my production company. i have done this mainly due to copy right and also to show that it’s my production company that has produced this film.

 also this follows in the footsteps of a traditional film opening.

 As the titles appear they appear within the negative space, which is black. I chose to do it this way as the titles seem a lot more clear and easy to understand.


As you will see the titles continue to appear in the same way but at different points around the screen.

 I went with this idea as i believe it keeps the audience fixed both on the action and the titles which i believe are very important within a film opening. 

Realistically speaking the films that would be released in a similar way to mine are any independent uk films, for example the film *Life is sweet*.

It’s a great example of a great british film, which is actually closely related to sugar n spice. 

As you can see it is quite obvious from the first few shots, mainly due to the school uniform, that sugar n spice is aimed at teenagers. 

And the overall age group for this film is 15 upwards this is due to the content within the film. 

Such as...  swearing..., and some scenes of violence...

Invoice clouds

Shown below are my tag / invoice clouds to show both the people i helped and the people that helped me. (Click the images to view the full screen version) 

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The order of the 9 shots, from the top left corner (1) to the bottom right hand corner (9), are as follows:

(1) Costumes/props (2) Lighting (3) Settings - time etc (4) Framing (5) Camera movement (6) Transitions (7) Visual effects (8) Typography (9) Narrative

Shot one: Costume / props

As you can see, i have chosen this shot, as it shows clearly that the costume for this film opening is a school uniform. Also it shows one of the main props which is the school bag, which is shown later on in the film opening.

Shot two: Lighting

I have chosen this shot, as it shows that the first few scenes are shot outside, which shows that i have used *natural lighting* from the sun, which makes the shot alot more clear.

Shot three: Settings - time etc

I have chosen this shot, as it shows the scene is about to change from outside to inside, this is a great close up which i believe shows that the character is just about to change location, so it prepares the audience for a location change, and i believe this shot shows the setting / time change within the scene.

Shot four : Framing

Ive chosen this shot, as it shows that the shot is framed by the door, so the audience willl expect to see the actor walk through the door, into centre shot. Also the door supplies a brilliant frame for the camera, and ensures that the subject (actor) is in the centre of the screen, and not off centre.

Shot five: Camera movement

Or tho my film opening is done in stopmotion there is still some aspects of camera movement. For exmaple within this shot the door is closed, and as it is pulled closed the camera photo slightly moves position, which suggest's the camera has moved, slightly, this keeps the action more live, and also keeps the audience fixed on what is happening and gives them a slight change to the norm, of what has already happend within the sequence.

Shot six: Transitions

Within my sequence, between all 35-40 shots, there is a slight fade transition, this makes the action seem alot less jumpy, and means the action seems to flow a lot more smoothly compared without the tranisition, where the frames seem to jump. I have chosen this frame as it shows the slight colour diffrence compared with the past shots, this is because it is captured in between the fade effect / tranisiton.

Shot seven: Visual effects

As you can see the whole sequence, is in stop motion, and the photos have been "cartoonized" and slightly made sharper. This is, in my opinion and from my feedback, a very good effect, which is not usually seen in many films. I chose this shot as it shows one of the best cartoonized photos, or so i believe.

Shot eight: Typography

I went with the handwritten style font, as i believe it fits in very well with the whole theme for the movie which is young college / school lad. Also it is visually very good, and works well with the cartoon effect. (hand drawn / hand written). I have chosen this shot as it shows the black negative space, in hwich the titles appear, or tho it doesnt show the actual titles it shows the area in which the titles appear. (You can see the titles on the other shots) --- 1-7 and 9.

Shot nine: Narrative

The opening sequence, shows the opening to the film, and in my mind shows the audience what the film is about, but does not show it in full, which leaves the audience wanting to watch on. The idea was to show a college boy arriving home from school and cooking some things, but as this was too long, i cut it down to just 2minutues. Within these 2mins i believe that it shows the college boy arriving home from school and walking into the kitchen, and in my mind this is enough, in order or the audience to get a basic feel for the film and also makes them want to watch on.

I have chosen this shot as it shows the final scene in my opening sequence, and after the title fades / flashes away / out. The transition will be to the cartoon photo once again, but from this it will fade once again, but will fade into real / live action, which will be easy to achieve as its all donw with pictures etc.

Feedback (review)

From the feedback i have recieved i can see that there is definalty room for improvement with my film opening.

From the two student feedback sheets, the main issue is with the target age group. The atcual target group for the film is actually 15+, but as you can see from the feedback i recicved you can see that they were far from the actual age group, mainly due to the content within the opening, this mainly being the costume, music, and the theme of the movie.

Other than that issue with the age / target group and the comment about adding more details about the actor / character within the sequence. The overall comments for my film opening were highly positive, but as i said there is definatly room for improvement.

So, in conclussion for the next project we do i will keep in mind what was said about my final opening sequence, and do the best i can in order to make the feedback, even more positive next time.

Feed back on final opening sequence

I recieve feedback on my final openign sequence, from both Jake and Jim, and two students from the Level 2 media diploma group.

Here is the feedback i got from the first student:

What kind of "genre" do you think this film belongs to? why?


What do you think the "Target Audience" of this film would be? why?

Elderly people or young children.
It depends on what the actual story line would be

What is your favourite image from this film? why?

The first few shots of the boy walking towards and through the gate, becuase they look very arty and more thought out than the others.

If you were to borrow one idea from this film for your own film-making project, what would it be and why?

I like the way that the pictures have been made to look down and the music goes well with the type of effect that is created by the colours in the pictures.

Here is the feedback i got from the 2nd student:

What kind of "genre" do you think this film belongs to? why?

Family drama, music suggests this along with the use of the child actor and cartoon stlye effect, with story line set in school.

Who do you think the "target audience" of this film would be? why?

8-12 year olds, feel of the film and relevance of the siuation suggests this

What is your favourite image from this film? why?


If you were to borrow one idea from this film for your own film-making project what would it be? why?

Use of pictures to show plot line, effect of past pictures.

Here is the feedback i got from Jake & Jim:

Overall very good film opening, maybe could be a bit shorter as its a little long and drags slighty.
Also the opening could do with more of a "bread trail", as in, little hints as to whom the character is, for example his personaility and such. But overall very good!

Jake & Jim

On wednesday 04 March, Jake and Jim, (Professional film makers / directors). visited us in order to give us feedback on our work aswell as give us a talk about their personal media productions / work, and what they do in the media industry.

Shown below is a screen grab from Jims webpage, showing a brief descirption of what Jim has done and also showing some of his videos.

Here is what it says on Jim's webpage:

2007 saw Jim Canty embark upon a solo directing career which quickly flourished. Videos for Liam Frost and the year’s breakthrough artist, Jack Penate, proved an auspicious start; both featuring Jim’s customary unique and cleverly executed ideas. He completed the year with the brave and much talked about one shot piece for Kaiser Chiefs’ “Love’s Not A Competition”.

Jim’s intelligent direction marries perfectly with his talent for finely balanced humour in his video for Mark Ronson’s “Just” – an homage to the iconic Radiohead video directed by Jamie Thraves. And in commercials Jim has directed ads for Kellogg’s, Colman’s, The Times and award-winning Observer spots.

Jim Canty started directing in 1999 as one half of the successful duo Jake and Jim. Together they directed videos for Super Furry Animals, Spiritualized, Paul Weller, Faithless, Stereophonics, Catatonia and Grandaddy to name but a few. And commercials for Observer, Nescafe, Cinzano, WH Smiths, Abbey National, Sony PlayStation, Powerade, Nike and BMW.

Equipment i used in order to make *SugaR 'N' SpicE* opening scene

I have used a wide range of equipment and software in order to create my opening sequence.

Software used: 

Sony Vegas 8.0 
Picasa Pro 3 
Windows movie maker 
Mix Craft 4.0 

Equipment used: 

Sony Vaio Laptop 
Kodak 9 mega pixel camera 
USB 2 gb flash drive 

Websites used: 


Here are the ways in which i used the above things, in order to produce my film opening....


I have used a wide range of software packages / programs in order to produce my film opening. The main program that i used was sony vegas, as this is what i sued to produce my final (video) footage. I put all the photos (30-40) into a time line in sony vegas, to see if they matched up ok, once they did, i then exported the images out of my camera folder and onto a carbonizer on a photo editing website, where by then, i edited the photos in order to make them look more like a cartoon. 

I done this for all 30-40 photos. After this i then placed them into paint to crop the images to the correct size. (As i had taken screen shots from the photo editing website) I then placed the photos back into sony vegas and put them into a sequence once again. 

I soon realized that the picture quality was lowered when i rendered the footage, so i exported the footage onto windows movie maker where i made the footage sharper, and slightly edited the colour and contrast to make the images more clear on the screen. 

Once the video footage was done, i moved onto making the sound track, i made the sound track in mix craft 4.0. Once the music was completed i then exprted that from mix craft into windows media maker where i put the usic in time with the video. 

Once all this was done i rendered the final video from windows movie maker, onto my desktop. 


The main equipment i used was my laptop and kodak Camera.  I used the camera to take the photos, for the stop motion of my opening sequence.  I then edited the footage on my Sony Vaio laptop 


I used a few websites in the process of making my opening sequence, websites such as google and youtube, i used these websites for inspiration purposes mainly, but i also used google in order to find the photo editing website which was (befunky.com). 

Once i had done my video (draft and final) i uploaded them to blogger (blogger.com). I also uploaded my videos to youtube. (youtube.com)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Evaluation of my opening sequence

Evaluation of my opening sequence
*SugaR 'N' SpicE*
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e. of film openings)

I had much inspiration for my film / opening. Mainly it was programes and tv that inspired me, not just film opening themselfs. From the many videos / photos that inspired me to create this film opening. many of which are food or school related, for example, Grange hill, jamie's school dinners, and life is sweet.

Show below are a few videos which show the kinda of things that have inspired me for my film opening.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?
Within my film opening there is a young protagonist / actor, so therefore the opening to SugaR n SpicE represents the younger generation within the uk mainly, as it is a british indpendant film.
Who would be the audience for your media product?
Well, considering that my film is an independant british film , about a younger school lad that cooks for his school, i believe that my target audience for my media production would be any ages, mainly (16 and upwards) because the final film will have a few sware words in and some voilence.
How did you attract/address your audience?
Within my opening sequence i addressed the audience with a visual suggestion of a school theme, this was shown with the school uniform that the young actor was wearing. I attracted the audience in further with the effects i used which was the cartoon effect, i believe this draws the audience in also, mainly because it is not seen very often within film openings, so therefore i believe it draws the audience in, due to the visual effect that it has, etc.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
I have used a wide range of software both at home and at college. Some of which has been simple search websites too the complicated editing software. I have learnt that Many software packages have the ability to do more than what they are made for, a good example of this is the software package picasa, i knew that you could edit photos on it, but i did not realise that you can make them into a collage with the soaftware, this was a very usefull tool when it came to making my story board.
Overall i have learnt quite a lot about the technologies that i have used during the process of the making of my opening sequence.
Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
I believe that on the completion of my contunity task, i took into mind what contanuity issues i should look at in the filming stage of my film opening. When it came to the actual shooting stage of my film opening sequence, i looked back over my conanuity task in order to make sure i did not make any conatnuity errors, because i know that contanuity is a major thing for a film shoot, and if it goes wrong it can make the film / opening look very tacky and also very unprofesional.
Keeping in mind that contanuity is a very important factor ot the film shoot, i made sure that i did not make any contanuity errors.
Overall i belive that my film opening was very succesfull and i am very happy with the outcome of my editing and also the final product (my film opening) for SugaR 'n' SpicE.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Film opening sequence *Evaluation*

Evaluation of my film opening
- SugaR 'N' SpicE -
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I have found many websites for independent film distributors,
shown below are a few screen shots from the websites i have found:
Out of the four websites i found, i strongly believe that my movie would get distributed by the Dog woof: INDIE.
I believe that they would be a good distributor for my movie, as it suits the theme of my movie / film, which is (Uk independent film) Compared with the other distribution companies i found, dog woof:indie seemed to be the perfect company to distribute my film. Mainly because the others focused on short films / British films but only Dog woof:INDIE, focuses on british independant films, and that is exactly what my film is, so therefore will most likely be distributed by Dogwoof:INDIE.

My final opening sequence / video

After looking back over my feedback, i have made a few changes to my opening sequence. The main change that i made to the sequence is to change the titles, as they were said to be "too in the audience's face". 

So i re-edited them so they appear the same way (Moving out from the screen, from the middle) but instead of going all the way forward they stop half way in the black out side of the film. I decided that this was best because they re more visible and at the same time do not distract the audience from the actual film itself. 

Overall i am very pleased with the outcome of my final opening sequence. 

Shown  below is my final opening sequence, and also the draft / rough cut version. 

Rough Cut / draft 

Final Opening sequence 

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Feed back on *Draft* opening sequence

Today in class, i recevied notes / feedback from every class member within my group. The feed back was on diffrenct aspects of my opening sequence, for example, Mise en scene, editing, and titles, as well as a few more.

I have just review'd the comments that people made, and i have found that the most common problem with my sequence, seems to be the titles, in 2 of the feed back sheets, two people have said that they are to "In your face".

Other than that small issue of the titles being too in your facem the other comments were rather very positive and overall very good, which in my mind means that i have done a good job in gettin my messege across in my opening sequence, and also means i havent got too much to do, in order to make it complete from draft -> completed opening sequence.

Screen shots from the edit of m film opening

Shown below are a few screen shots taken from the editing process and final production to youtube, for my film opening sequence. 

*SugaR 'N' SpicE* 

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Film opening project

Refering back to my completed draft / video for my opening sequence, i have listed below some helpful tips in order to achieve a succesfull shoot / footage.

*Be creative with your ideas
*Use a variety of tecniques when shooting. (angles,positioning,contanuity etc)
*Stick to the original plan as best you can (Storyboard)
*IF you change your idea from the original plan, try not too over-complicate the idea (s)
*Learn how to transfer the footage and make sure that the cameras footage actualy can be imported, before you start your film shoot.
*Always have a back up idea, especialy with your location / props etc
*Be ambitious in your filming

My film opening *Draft video / project*

I have completed the draft version of my Film Opening for *SugaR 'N' SpicE*.

What i done to complete my film opening in draft: First of all i took the photos from my story Board, and i was faced with a problem straight away. The problem was that the photos had already been editied, so i had to back track and get the original photos back, as i needed the originals in order to cartoonize them.

I eventually was able to restore the photos to their original state, but to do this i had to restore my laptop, which was time consuming but i managed to get them back in the end. I could of easily taken them straight from my Camera SD card, but unfortunatly when i originaly took the photos from my SD card i had cut and pasted them so they were not on the SD card when i looked for the originals, so therefore i had to restore my laptop etc, but as i said i got them in the end.

When i did get the originals i moved onto the next stage, which was to edit them into a cartoon type effect (Cartoonize). I browsed around on the internet for editing software in order to edit them how i wanted, but this again was very time consuming, but i needed to edit them so to find the software or website was a must, and a very high priority in order to get any progress in my project. Eventually i found a website where you can edit you photos for free, but i was yet again faced with a problem, it was a printing website where they print them for you onto mugs, tee-shirts, mouse mats, etc etc, and as this was not what i wanted, instead of close the website and find another one, since ihad been looking and browsing for over an hour, i decided that the best idea would be to just *Print screen* what i had edited and then crop the photos in paint. I done this for all 30-40 of my photos, and overall i was very impressed with the overall outcome of my photos.

When i had the edited photos i moved onto the next stage of my project which was to edit them into a stop - motion sequence / video. To do this i used the programe (Sony Vegas 8.0) which i have installed on my laptop. Once i had put the photos into a video (which took me about an hour or so). This also includes the time it took me to make the moving titles, (KK-Productions, Director: Kirk kemp, etc). Once i had completed both the titles and video, i then renderd the final video, which took another 20-30 minutes, as i was waiting for that to render i could not do anything else as my laptop was quite slow while rendering the video, so while i was waiting, i grabed my note book and started noting down some posible song ideas, that would relate well to my video, for order to me use it in the opening sequence. When the video was renderd i uploaded it too windows movie maker, so i could add the music track later on.

I started making my soundtrack for my opening sequence in *mix craft 4.0* I soon managed to make a sound track, which reflects the mood and also fits with my opening sequence / video. Once i had finished the sound track for my opening sequence i simply, added it to my video sequence, and then i re-render'd it from windows movie maker, in order to make it a video file, to play back on my laptop.

Finally i watched the video to see wheather it was ok and didnt need any changes etc, i found that it does not need many changes in my mind, but tomorrow i will see what people think to it and see what changes can be made in order to make it better.

Shown below is the *Draft version of my opening sequence*

My opening sequence *SugaR 'N' SpicE*

Shown below is a diagram that shows the high point of my project. Where I felt that I had acieved the best to my ability.

In this diagram it shows my laptop, with annotations which point out that i was editing my photos. I believe i put in alot of work, when i was caroonizing' my photos. Overall it took me nearly 2 hours too work through all 30-40 photos, but i believe that i worked to the best of my ability and when i was faced with any difficulty i soon overcame it and carried on. For example when my laptop crashed i had to re-do about 20 photos, which put me behnd but i didnt mind, i just worked on and managed to get it finished.

Once i did get the photos finished and i put them into a video . stop motion sequence i got to work on the sound track / music for it, which i found difficult at first as the programe was hard to set up, but when i did finally get it set up i soon got to work and produced a very good sound track which fits the theme of the video perfectly in my mind.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Channel Four : Inspiration week / Open day

This is a screen shot from the website that the link within the email was for, you will also notcie a list of things i need to do inorder to apply for the placement, all i need to do now is my CV which i plan to do next week when i am back at college, as i can easily get access to the help i need in order to perfect my CV, in order to hopefully get me into the inspiration week.

Channel Four : Inspiration week / Open day

I have just recieved an email from Channel Four with a link to the application website, in order to apply for a placement on the inspiration week course.

(Shown below is a copy of the email i was sent)


Thank you for coming to Channel 4’s Inspiration Week Open Day. We hope you enjoyed it and got plenty out of your time with us - now’s your chance to apply to come to Inspiration Week.

If you’re 14-16 the master classes and workshops will run on 6th and 7th April.

If you’re 17-19 the master classes and workshops will run on 8th and 9th April.

Below is the link to get onto Inspiration Week, please apply here by clicking on it, which will lead you through to our recruitment system.

Please answer all the questions fully, stating your preferences for the master classes and workshops available.

Your completed application must be with us by noon on Friday 9th March 2009. 4Talent will then shortlist candidates and email you if you’ve been successful by 20th March at the latest.
Inspiration Week Application Form

Good luck,
Kate x

P.S. Don’t forget to join our 4Talent Alumni Facebook Group!

Kate Beveridge 4Talent CoordinatorChannel 4 124 Horseferry Road London SW1P 2TX

Channel Four : Inspiration week / Open day

I followed the link that was attached on the email, and i came to the channel four *4talent* page, and when i was there i was faced with the aplication form.
(Shown below are the questions i was asked, relating to the application process)

Application Questions
Please complete the following application questions.

Tell us about a time when you had to work really hard to get something you wanted? What was it and what did you do?

Basically ever since i was 12-13 i have been into media and home film making etc, and when i gained my first ever video camera, that was brilliant, until i realised that there are many other camcorders out there which would be even better. So when i started my part-time job as a cleaner, i started of doing just a few hours but when ever i could i done more hours in order to gain more money towards the camcorder that i wanted. During the school summer holiday i worked from 12-8 at least 3-4 days a week, and by the end of the summer holiday i had just abut enough money for the camcorder, which i quickly soon order'd off the internet and i gained that within a few days of ordering it. This was when i was aged 15-16 and to this day i still use the Sony HD camcorder to produce films and short videos.

Please choose the three areas you would like to learn more about on Inspiration Week. (Please note: Each master class has a limited number of place and we may not be able to allocate you your first choice). Your Master Class choices are: Advertising, Development, Journalism, Scriptwriting, Presenting, Producing/Directing - Factual, Producing/Directing - Drama, Production Management, New Media.

I would very much like to learn more about the following three courses / master class:- Producing / Directing - (Factual)- Advertising - Development I would very much like to further study these master classes, as i strongly believe that it will help my progress towards the future that much easier, and will definatly be a great oppurtunity to add work / experiance to my already growing portfolio of work, for the upcoming future.

Tell us why you should be given a place on Inspiration Week?

I believe that i should be given a place on the inspiration week course, becuase i have put a great amount of work into my media both in college, and at home. I also have been constantly updating and adding to my personal portfolio, which shows all my work relating to media and film etc. This placement on the course will definatly improve apon my portfolio and my personal acievements. Overall i think if i do get a placement it wil help me a great deal, both with my work at the moment (college and personal portfolio) and also most important of all my future, i believe that this experiance will be perfect in order to show people what i have done, to show that i am outgoing and will take every oppatunity as it comes along. In conclussion, i would greatly appreciate a placement on the Channel Four Inspiration week as i like to think it will help me a great deal in my work now and definatly help me out in getting where i want in the future!

Channel Four : Inspiration week / Open day

On Wednesday 18th Febuary me and four others (Mike, Tara, Tim and Alex). Went to Channel four studios/Head quarters in London.
When i eventually got to the headquarters, i was first faced with the Channel four indent / logo outside the building, which was made out of metal scafolding type material, and straight away just from the look of the building i could tell that it was very moden and profesional, and i could not then wait to get inside, and start chatting to people etc.
When i did get into the building we were given day passes and some information booklets about the industry (channel four). Within the booklet was a comments sheet that we were told to fill in later on in the day, just to let them know that we are intrested in applying for the week long course with them.
After we had been given all the leaflets and also the comment sheet were where the directed towards the Channel four cinema. When we arrived there we were shown a short collection of films and we had a short 10-20 minute talk from one of the workers at Channel Four.
After the short films and the talk we then had the chance to talk with a few of the industry profesionals, about what they do, how they got their jobs, and basicaly was also a chance for us to show case are skills and let them know about are futures and what are plans are for the future ahead.
There were 9 - 10 seperate tables which each had different sections from the industry, some of which were *Script wriiting, Production, Advertising and many many more!* After talking with all the industry pro's i managed to hand out all my business cards which were greatly apreciated and also in return i did gain a few business cards back aswell.
Overall the Open Day at Channel Four was really good, it showed me that there is a lot to the industry but with confidence and a strong portfolio it should be simple to get a place within the industry, some of the comments that were said to me were very good indeed, comments such as: "Nice too see someone with such great attitude towards their future, and have a stong belief in themselfs and their work!" and one guy even went as far as saying "You should be the person sitting in my seat telling the younger people about the industry and media, cos' u seem to know how it goes, i dont have to tell you anything i see!"
So i was extreamly pleased with their comments as it was very uplifting to hear such positive comments from people of such status within the industry, i hope that i now can get onto the week course in march-april. (Fingers crossed!)
Shown below are a few pictures from Channel four.

Evidence of helping with film shoot

On Monday 16th Febuary i helped out with Tim's film shoot. On the film shoot I was the Director of photography for Lee who had the job role of being the behind the scene's photographer. For this i supplied both my Sony HDSR1 video camcorder and my Kodak Photo camera. Both of which were used to their full extent and were used through out the day (2-6ish).

Overall the Film shoot went very well, and i managed to get some good photos from it, and also Tim shoot some fantastic video footage on my Sony HDSR1 camcorder. I also think that Tim's overall ideas were portrayed in the final videos, shot on the day, which was the main objective for the shoot.

Shown below are some of the photos that i took on the film shoot.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Email (YouTube)

I have just recieved a very pleasing email, from a user / subscriber on youtube, the user that sent me the email must of noticed that i am keen with green screen, and have used green screen within some of my videos, shown below is the email i recieved.

ScenicVideos has sent you a message:

Free greenscreen video backgrounds

Hi, i thought you might be interested since your into green screen. I have a bunch of videos I am allowing users to download for free to use in their own videos. these are in the new HD 1280x720 standard set by youtube.

I hope you enjoy them,

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This will help me a great deal, when it comes to future productions, as the actual footage for the backgrounds on videos etc, are quite difficult to find, and also when you do find them they usually cost a fair bit, and because im a student and only have a part time job, i cannot afford to pay out for green screen footage etc...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Opening sequence (Booking sheet / weekly plan)

Monday - Start risk assessment / shooting schedule 
Tuesday - Complete planning / risk assessment / shooting schedule 
Wednesday - Mike's film (Helping with continuity & sound)  
Thursday -  Sam's film (General helping out) -> (Take photos of location for tim) 
Friday - Mike's film, Sam's film and Phillipa's film (Helping with continuity, sound and acting)  
Saturday - Film / shoot my opening sequence 
Sunday - Post production of my film opening sequence (editing  sound track) 


Monday - Tim's film (Location/filming/using my camera)  
Tuesday - Tim's film (Location/filming/using my camera)  
Wednesday - In London  (channel four)  
Thursday - Philipa's Film (Acting in the film/possibly help out with other filming)
Friday - Analyze my shoot (how it went etc etc) 
Saturday - Finalize -ALL- project / film opening related work. 
Sunday -  Analyze the WHOLE project  

Opening sequence (further planning)

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